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If you’re better, we’re better

We know that happy, healthy individuals make positive, high performing teams.

Everyone here matters and we don’t ‘do’ drama or ego. We respect everyone’s ideas and opinions and are proud of the diverse make-up of our workforce. We believe diversity in our team increases the depth and breadth of our ideas to help us to solve the most challenging problems and deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.

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Your growth is as important as our growth

Whether a graduate or a director, our team members’ personal and professional growth is a priority. We aim to help everyone uncover their potential and become the best version of themselves.

The professional development initiatives we offer include:

  • Career development program (POD system)
  • Internship program
  • Graduate program
  • Learning & development workshops
We build our leaders from within

We believe great people make great leaders. We have a leadership development program that focuses on growing as a great leader and on growing personally.

Our leadership development program aims to increase the confidence and self-awareness of our leaders and aspiring leaders and equips them to manage conflict, provide effective feedback, manage through change and lead with confidence.


Work, rest and play

We truly care about the parts of a team member’s life that make them the people they are. We don’t believe in sacrificing what’s important for work. And we know that well-rounded multi-dimensional people bring better ideas to the table.

We want Watson Young to be a part of our team’s life, not their whole life.

Some of the ways we support life outside of work include:

  • Bring your child to work in the school holidays
  • Hybrid working arrangements
  • ‘Play Days'
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Discounted fitness memberships
Prospering together

We understand that nurturing interpersonal relationships is one of the most important aspects of maintaining wellbeing. Creating opportunities for our team to be together both inside and outside our work context is a priority.

We embrace fun and play as essential to innovation and creativity. At Watson Young, we carve out opportunities for our team to ‘play’, whether this is a few hits on our table tennis table or bringing pets to work.

'Play Days' are an additional day of annual leave that we offer every team member. They can spend time doing something that they love. We understand that play creates the space for the best creative ideas.  

We work hard. We create even harder. We care. We grow. We enjoy.

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