Cubby House Challenge

Cubby House Challenge

Watson Young Architects and Becon Constructions have teamed up to design and construct Rocky Road as part of the 2018 "Cubby House Challenge" for the charity Kids Undercover. Our cubby is one of the 5 finalists and will be open for inspection and auctioned at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, 21-25 March 2018. All funds raised from the auction of the expertly designed cubbies will go towards youth homelessness prevention initiatives.

Inspired by simple geometric volumes encountered in everyday practice; the intersecting shapes create multisensory experiences within and around the cubby. Rocky Road encompasses the form and complexity of real life allowing kids to develop ways of dealing with vulnerability in a safe and secure setting. Colour, texture light and sound stimulate creative play, the scale is versatile, a place for kids of all ages.

Key Features:

  • Cubby house made from intersecting forms, sphere, triangle and cube
  • Climbing walls and ramps
  • Textured surfaces
  • Interactive light and sound
  • Viewing platform
  • Reading space inside the sphere

For more information, visit the Kids Undercover website:

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